Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You!

Our wedding was so beautiful. Thank you to everyone who served by helping to set-up the reception, preparing the food for the rehearsal dinner and the little things that made the day absolutely unforgettable.

James and I are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support on our special day. Thanks to our guests we had a wonderful honeymoon in Daytona Beach, FL. We relaxed on the beach everyday, ate at Bubba Gump's and went to the movies all within walking distance. It was the perfect honeymoon.

Family and friends have been sending their pictures at a feverish pace. So join in the fun, send us your photos from the day and we'll post them to this site for everyone to share.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Wedding Location

The new location of the Wedding:

Grace United Methodist Church
458 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

God's faithfulness in our time of adversity

Kanika and I have been through a great deal. It hasn't been easy trusting so deeply in God. He has in deed shown Himself faithful. The following details God's faithfulness in our time of adversity as told to my brother in Christ:


I had a crying bride. She was angry and so was I when we found ourselves without a church two weeks before our wedding. We had no warning.
I did what I saw God do for you. I reached out to everyone I know with a simple question. Does anyone know if a "pretty church?" Almost immediately you answered my message. I instantly called the church and left a message on their voicemail. Crying all night, my bride was distraught, and so was I. (I wasn't crying, let's get that straight!) We prayed and the next morning at 8:15 The very church you told us of called me. They had our same wedding date and time open. The Bride visited the church 30 minutes after and certified it as "beautiful." I even saw a half smile on her face for a brief moment. Although it was expensive to book, we now have a "pretty church" for our wedding. God even sent new clients and family our way with cash in hand to pay for the new price. They didn't know that God was using them to give comfort to a crying bride.

What you did for us is simple, you pointed your finger at the right place for us. It was your belief in God and His provision that I have witnessed in the time that I have know you that encouraged me to reach out with faith that God would provide through his people for us.

Thank you my brother. We are happy to sow a seed into your ministry, and we believe that that God is making provision for your Church in every area. He is raising up people to bring to pass ALL that He has privately promised that He would perform, and He is doing it at the measure of your Faith. This is our prayer for you in Jesus name we pray, and believe. Amen.

Sincerely your brother in Christ,

James Riley

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We set the date!

The number one question for us has been, "have you set the date yet" the answer is a resounding YES!

Saturday, August 2nd 2008

Details are forthcoming, but check out the picture of the quaint little venue above.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have you set the date yet?

Well, we had our last counseling session a few weeks ago. What a rewarding experience. James and I promised that we would submit ourselves to our counselor's before we set our wedding date. Two months (6 sessions) later and we're still together. All jokes aside, I couldn't imagine going through these counseling sessions with anyone else.

Man when is the date bro? ...James....have you set the date yet? No and here is why. We just finished pre-marital counseling. My Glory and I, are so happy to have sown into this righteous process. It feels good. Pray for us as we roll into the next step. SETTING THE DATE! (Pic of us signing the completion form)

It seems like everything hinges on this one thing....the wedding date. Now with our counseling completed, we have been checking out some potential venues for the wedding. Gee, there's so much pressure out there to consider this or buy that. Not to mention how expensive some of these places are. Until this week I didn't know what a $10,000 minimum was. No wonder the average American wedding costs $25,000 or more. Knowing what it's going to take to pull this off is only half the battle. Determining the date will really get the ball rolling. Please continue to pray for us as we trust God on which date to choose, budgets and everything in between.

Amen. I thought that getting the ring on her finger was it. Next stop marriage. Nope. there is a real, real serious step before the Ceremony, and Marriage. Anyone reading this, who is looking to get married, please have your communications together, have the issues between the two of you identified, and especially make sure you have chosen God's best for you. You will need to talk through what most people believe to be some of the most stressful of subjects, and trust us you do not want to do that with someone you don't trust, don't understand, and won't listen to you. Until next time....peace out